Karla Way is a Melbourne based independent jeweller.
She began her jewellery studies at NMIT in Collingwood in 2001, and went on to complete a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Gold and Silversmithing at RMIT in 2008. Her work was short listed for graduate awards such as Fillipo Raphael Fresh! at Craft Victoria, Design Now at Sydney’s Object Gallery and Hatched at Pica in Perth.
Karla has participated in group exhibitions nationally and internationally including Craft Victoria, Pieces of Eight, and EG Etal in Melbourne, Velvet Da Vinci and Gallery Loupe in the USA and Gallerie Marzee in the Netherlands.

Employing both traditional and modern materials, both naturally occurring and man-made, Karla utilises both ancient and traditional techniques of lost wax casting, repousse and cold construction, in contemporary applications  to create jewellery, art object and vessels.
She is interested in the transformative ability of materials and draws inspiration from the extensive pre/history of jewellery, hollowware and personal object. 
Representing elements of the natural world and reflecting our relationship with it, her pieces examine the intersection of nature and material culture.